Few things which I learned today:

Friday, 21 November 2008

Make an activity plan for tomorrow before go to sleep is a must
Do not belittled one thing about sleeping
Having breakfast with carbohydrate sufficiently and fruits in addition is pretty good
Eat much = -activity much (act= -reaction). Is it happened to me, anyway? Not really
Take your time, do not make something useless
Always being in charge with cell phone, it is important for any urgency
If there is a time, just do it as you can
Make a new air to a new breathe
Do not hesitate of considering something, in a point, IT HAS BEEN… WELL THINKING
Estimate the time before taking off
In choosing, compare one thing with another for a better result and think about the effectiveness and the efficiency
Remain is better than still
One mistake is ok, twice in a mistaken is dull witted, three times you can call me as an ass
If you do not know whether you have to turn left or turn right, it is better for you to inquire the way
Experience is one of the best teachers (Sinar Dunia)
Look at the way marketing people talk ;) that is fun!
Pretend to cough when someone is smoking (haha)
If there is someone take the row arbitrarily in a queue, just shake of your head which make a sign that you are really embarrassed with THAT Indonesian people, they just make Indonesia's name becomes worse with their stupid act


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