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Saturday, 18 April 2009

As what I have said before, maybe a few months ago, when I tried to consider something between my unstopping infatuation and what I never been thought. Then, a verse of a song was back and forth in my mind tried to make me realized that when you tried your best but you don’t succeed, when you get what you want but not what you need

And in the end, I thanked God, and (now) it is still being what I need. But time goes by and I was walking too far ahead, and thought that there must be more to life than chasing down every temporary high to satisfy me

There are always some people like me who do not really pay attention to the quantitative one, but it is not always that rough, because actually, we have to make it balanced. So the tension is here, the tension is here, between whom you are and who you could be, between how it is and how it should be

I used to be born as a human which ever been in ups and downs, these high and low encouragements, and all the unstable conditions which dynamically stay in the fluctuation time. And I am ready for all the consequences that I did, and also admitted that yes I was burned but I called it a lesson learned, mistake overturned so I call it a lesson learned

So I pull myself to think that I'll never give up, never give in, never let a ray of doubt slip in, and if I fall, I'll never fail, I'll just get up and try again

Well, thanks for the fix you, there’s gotta be more to life, dare you to move, as I am lesson learned, and win. I will run my best to chase something big out there—I only have a month.


Nyempil lagi deh kayak upil

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Selagi stres, pusing, hectic, dan dikejar-kejar, mari menulis sejenak. Gue ingin membuat suasana yang tegang semakin tegang, hahaha. Kadangkala, hati yang lelah letih lesu loyo lemah lunglai lebay ini harus dibuat panik supaya terstimulasi. Menurut gue, coolmeeeeeennnn when you have to do what you have to do, and you make such a little thing which ain't going on your way with doing some thingumajigs.

Tugas menumpuk kayak pupuk di gubug minta ditimpuk. Padahal besok si anu minta semuanya dikumpulin, lebih bikin panik lagi belum semuanya tersalin, yang satu lagi musti siap-siap ditanyain, pas disuruh maju ternyata presentasi belum dibikin. Apalagi ya yang belakangnya in in in.

Aduh gue udah semakin gila ini,
Bikin pantun buat lagu-nya Project Pop.

Ah udah ah, kayanya gue udah mulai panik nih. Waktu semakin dekat, 9 jam lagi, oh tidak-tidak.

Siasat pertama gue lakukan dengan meminjam buku. Kedua dengan minum dua jenis kopi untuk satu jenis alasan yang sama. Kita lihat saja hasilnya. Satu hal yang sudah pasti, besok gue akan duduk manis sambil menelungkupkan kedua tangan di dahi menunduk ke bawah berkali-kali. Dan mata gue udah ngga tertahankan kantuknya.


A homebody is being home

Saturday, 11 April 2009

A homebody does not always feel bored. A homebody practically uses this time to enjoy what we call as a life, doing some kind of unimportant things which are not really have to be done. A homebody reading pages by pages of Vahdventure Storybook by Vahd, the imaginative book one, leads us to come back to the time when we were a child.

Bottle Love Story
Story written by Vahd Mulachela

Once there was a time and once there was not, a time when bottles were in love with each other. In a supermarket, a tomato ketchup bottle was in love with a perfume bottle. They were on the shelves, on a corner next to each other. Up there was the ketchup bottle; down there on the opposite lower side was the perfume’s.

But you know, bottles were very smart at hiding their feelings, that even the shop keeper didn’t realise a thing of their romance.

It was not only because this perfume bottle was sweet, that the ketchup bottle adored, but also because... “she was tall and she has beautiful style. She was made by professional designers, and was decorated with red cap as if it was her summer hat. The contour of her glass was smooth and shining like skin of an apple, made of crystal-like material, so clear and reflecting light. If a scent of perfume by which she was filled blew in the wind; it brought dreams of a peaceful spring. Anyone who smells it would love to hold her closely and never let her away,” said the ketchup bottle.

But the ketchup bottle was up there where dust usually rests. Its design was much simpler; its personality was shaped by an image of tomatoes that filled it. Red, and doesn’t smell very pleasant compared to a flower. Thus the ketchup bottle was shy, and could only stare at the perfume bottle from a distance and unable to tell of its passion.

Until one day, a young couple of costumers came in to buy cologne. As soon as the woman found the prettiest one, which was this perfume-in-red-capped bottle, she decided to buy it.

For its good price the shop owner was happy; but the ketchup bottle was left broken hearted and of course it felt jealous. Can you imagine that???

The ketchup bottle would think of committing suicide by slipping out from someone’s hand and breaking apart on the floor, since it didn’t have legs to jump by itself. Or else, it would think of the perfume bottle all day and night...

Suddenly, the ketchup bottle was surprised that a French cook, who was the woman’s husband, looked for tomato for his ingredient at home. “C’est tres bien!,” he said and grabbed the ketchup bottle.

Since that, a kitchen was the place for the ketchup bottle. It was serving delicate French fries with tomatoes, and each time a menu was cooked, its content was decreasing bit by bit until it was empty.

The ketchup bottle was not thrown away immediately though; instead, it was washed and placed next to olive oil. It now became an oil bottle’s friend. Greasy and placed near to fire.

“Oh, look how dirty I am now. My dearest perfume bottle must not recognize me anymore,” it thought to itself, missing dearly.

After a few days passed, the chef came into the kitchen with a plastic bag on his hand. “Alors,” he said, “now I have bought a new bottle for oil. This old one should go into rubbish”. And he took the ketchup bottle and placed it on garbage.

When the ketchup bottle lay on the basket, almost it was breaking apart. But then it found the perfume bottle sleeping next to it. Empty, with the red cap and the fragrance of spring remain concrete. “Hmmm...” They both were happy to be together; and they made clinging noises as if they were laughing, and hugging, and kissing.

So they went together now, by a truck to a recycling centre on a country side. In this place, they were made blended together; with this and that chemical processes as if they were getting married. So now and forever they will become a new glassware: a cookie jar.

Now my friends, the cookie jar is here on my table. I filled it with biscuits, and it is good to have biscuit next to my cup of tea... especially when writing you a story like this.

So, a homebody is shopping with mother, buying a basket of fruits. And for this time, a homebody does not care of a stack of her number one favorite, Orange.

Because, a homebody found her another favorite, roasted thailand coconut. Huahahaha. And took some kind of freaking pictures below.

The roasted coconut is typing a blog post about itself

The roasted coconut was being taken over away

And all-up! The roasted coconut obviously becomes a shadow

A homebody found another favorite one, red bean slice ice cream and directly wants to make it soon. Here is the recipe.
500 ml milk
300 gr sugar
1 spoon of gelatin

2 yolks
2 spoon of sugar
1 cup of red bean

1000 ml milk

Cook the boiling of 500 ml of milk, 300 gr of sugar, and 1 spoon of gelatin. Pour it with the 2 yolks and 2 spoon of sugar. Then, finish it with the 1000 ml of milk. Put it into the ice refrigerator for a while, then fill the pan (20 x 20 x 5 cm) with this batter. And put it into the refrigerator again.

And this is, our red bean slice ice cream...


The putting-on-airs hypothesis

Thursday, 9 April 2009

I just looked for some good stuffs from my overrated author, Nicholas Sparks on (regularly site-checked). And got a little curious thing to do to vote the poll there about people's favorite characters based on Sparks's book. Here we are the result, the five highest rates;

Votes Character

131142 Noah Calhoun
(The Notebook)
37171 Landon Carter
(A Walk to Remember)
30976 Jamie Sullivan
(A Walk to Remember)
21692 Allie Nelson
(The Notebook)
16124 Taylor McAden
(The Rescue)

My showing-off-hypothesis :
Faithful and Loyalty are still being the most favorite choices.


Fenomena! Sungguh, Ini Akan Menjadi Fenomena! (Heboh)

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Malam minggu ini, gue menghabiskan waktu dengan sebuah hiburan yang cukup mengasyikkan. Mengapa mengasyikkan? Karena otot-otot sekitar pipi dan muka gue yang tegang berubah menjadi cukup kendor akibat membaca tulisan-tulisan warga negara Indonesia jaman reformasi sekarang ini di sebuah media dan ketika demokrasi yang mengajak seluruh orang untuk menyuarakan pendapatnya (secara bebas namun terkadang cukup tidak sopan) membuat gue tertawa terbahak-bahak tidak henti-hentinya.

Bagi yang memiliki akun penglaris nomor satu di dunia(lebay) facebook, silahkan membuka ini:

Cukup menghibur. Sangat menghibur malah. Yang membuatnya menjadi fenomenal adalah, akun ini udah kayak lagi regol di FE UI, sekali di-refresh, yg masuk udah banyak aja. Hahaha. Dalam satu menit bisa 1000 orang kerekrut. Gilak2, apa jadinya kalau hal ini sudah mulai masuk ke media massa seperti televisi macam MetroTv dan TvOne yang lagi heboh-hebohnya mengulas mengenai Pemilu 2009, terlebih lagi empunya salah satu stasiun tv tersebut ternyata kader dari partai koalisinya (eh apa oposisi yaa? waaah ngga tau ya dalemnya haha).

Yah, gue mau ngomong sedikit sebagai warga negara di negara yang gue sayangi ini, umur gue udah 17 tahun nih dan udah punya KTP, tapi why-oh-why, gue belum jadi DPT (Daftar Pemilih Tetap). Bete. Padahal niat gue untuk memepergunakan suara yang menjadi hak gue sekali lima tahun udah gue persiapkan walaupun masih mencari-cari mana yang harus gue contreng. Emang deh yaa sistem administrasi di Indonesia ini.

Tadi gue nonton berita bertema "Mengapa harus memilih perempuan?". Wah tepat sekali dengan keadaan gue sekarang yang masih belajar untuk melihat sesuatu tidak dengan perspektif salah satu gender. Gue percaya, kemampuan seseorang untuk menjadi pemimpin tidak dilihat dari salah satu gender, melainkan dari pribadi orang itu sendiri. Gue pernah dililit sebuah pertanyaan yang cukup membuat gue down waktu itu, "Kenapa kamu mau jadi pemimpin, padahal kan dalam Islam yang wajib menjadi pemimpin adalah laki-laki?"

Gue cukup tertekan saat itu karena gue merasa, pengetahuan gue tentang agama yang gue anut masih belum memadai, jadi gue hanya bisa menjawab seadanya, yaitu pendapat gue sendiri sebagai perempuan.

Tapi yang ada di otak gue sekarang mengenai "Mengapa kita harus memilih perempuan?" adalah, perempuan memang tidak selamanya; selalu baik, tidak pernah korupsi, pintar mengatur anggaran, peka terhadap masalah sosial, dan lain-lain. Dan gue juga tidak berfikir bahwa; Jangan pilih perempuan, perempuan tuh lebih banyak mikir pake hati dan perasaan ketimbang logika dan rasional. Yah, macam gue inilah, yang lebih sering berfikir memakai hati ketimbang logika, makanya, gue sensitif dan terkadang out of logics.

Tapi dunia itu bergerak secara dinamis kan karena berusaha untuk mencapai keseimbangan. Kayak bencana alam sekarang yang sering menimpa kita kan sebenarnya karena bumi berusaha untuk mencari keseimbangannya di dalam kehidupan. Atau kayak harga dan kuantitas yang ada di pasar (huahahaha! omongan lo May, ngga cocok). Sama aja kayak di legislatif sekarang, kita harus memilih orang-orang yang bisa membuat keadaan politik kita seimbang antara hati nurani dan rasionalitas.

Jadi ya wajar aja "Mengapa kita harus memilih perempuan?". Bukan karena perempuan lebih baik dan tidak pernah korupsi atau kasus perselingkuhannya tidak akan terkuak. Ada juga perempuan yang jahat. Tapi lebih kepada berusaha untuk mencapai keseimbangan. Mungkin terdengar "Klise kamu Dek!", tapi mimpi itu kan terkadang datang mulai dari hal yang klise haha. Memang tidak akan pernah sempurna seimbang. Tapi apa salahnya untuk mencoba mencapai mendekati keseimbangan?

Jadi, jangan pernah menyia-nyiakan suara kita. Gunakan suara kita untuk memilih yang terbaik. Kalau tidak ada yang baik, pilihlah yang paling tidak jelek dan masih mau kita bantu untuk sama-sama bangun. (suara hati orang yang bukan DPT) huahahaha.


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