Experiences increase productivity

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Even it is hectic, I still want to have a time to write. Even though the writings on this blog almost based on my experiences. But I smiled to myself when my lecturer said, “Experiences increase productivity.” In an interview, I admitted that I am 7 in writing and 4 in speaking. What an unbalanced comparison. But not too specific like that, I am a person who likes socializing too somehow, only show that I speak when I feel comfort to speak. It is because experience really teaches me. (Catch you!)

Based on something comfort, I have a friend that makes me comfort to speak with her, not only me but maybe other else, named Widya. We were in the same class when I was in the junior high school. And now we met in the same course of study. She never stops to speak. I could tell you like this because I ever challenged her to keep in silent. And see, she was only could hold it about 10 seconds to be quiet. And her face looked hard for her to hold it. One thing that I could not forgot about her. I asked her one day,

“Lo orang Betawi, Wid?” (no hard feeling for Batavian, I am not a racist fortunately.)

Then she answered concisely, “Kagak.”

When I heard that, I could not hold my laughs and turned it out loud. Do you think that it is funny? I swear it will be yes if you hear her answer while you see her face. That is all about my friend named Widya. No offense to make you bad Wid, but it shows that you are back and forth (famous) in my mind. Halaaaaaaah. Jijay ah.

My temperature is high this morning, and I feel a little bit whirling. Perhaps it is because yesterday I got caught in a swift rain while tired of anything that I must finished. You know when you force something, you have to get ready to face the risks. And I was ready to face it. But it is not bad at all, I just feel hard to rotate my eyes, it is a common thing when we got a headache. Tomorrow I am gonna back in a well. Happy weekend!


Martha-Happy Monday, November 10, 2008 9:40:00 am  

i hope you gonna be better soon..
cepat sembuh mayang!

MAYANG! Monday, November 10, 2008 7:37:00 pm  

iya udah sembuh kok kak, hehe buktinya tadi ketemu di kampus udah ceria ;) makasih kak happy!

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