Marriage & Gain From Trade

Thursday, 5 May 2011

I am always wanting and waiting for this kind of moment run through within my family. At the almost twenty nine years of my parents’ building of a family, it-will-happen, soon. Strange at first but I do not want to be too neurotic for this. I now believe that every one has their own judgment about what they have considered as their best choice of their life, as long as it is combined by the assumption that everyone’s freedom is restricted to the other’s freedom. So, I choose to tolerate it rather than arguing it and subsequently lose control. As Malthus ever said, that food is necessary to the existence of a man and that the passion between the sexes is necessary. But if I have a chance to imagine that Malthus is still alive today, I would very love to convey my thought to him that no wonder that a man always uses passion between the sexes as “the necessity of their food”. I repeat and boldly underline once again; a man. And I wish that he would not be offended, considering that he was a person trapped inside man's body.

Marriage, for me, is a terminology for every love birds who considered themselves in a well-prepared condition for having a further commitment. Yes, further commitment, and it sounds creepy. It is like a decision to freer the trade or to keep it autarky.

Y = C + I + G, or
Y = C + I + G + (X – M)

The difference of autarky and free trade appears in the value of (X – M). The value of (X – M) or current account indicates about how does the exchange occur within these two parties. If you contribute a lot outside, then your current account would be positive, vice versa.

I believe that a marriage of a man and a woman has the same criterion with a bilateral trade, ceteris paribus, assuming that the trade is only happened between the subjects; any trade-influence between families, friends, and relatives are not counted as well. So, a marriage of a man and a woman is like a bilateral trade in the open economy. If the trade in the open economy always creates gains from trade, the question is, is there any gains from trade in a marriage of two different kinds of sex?


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