Secondly Published!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Months ago, got a call from Mbak Eny. She said that Mr Keith wants the article to be published again. And since I am no longer an intern so that my office email has been deactivated, he called to put my active email in the article.

This gratitude goes to a very honorable Mr Keith.

It's such a self-rewarding to see what was on mind stretching in four pages of a foremost institution's magazine. There's no other purpose unless self-satisfaction feeling that: at least the idea has been delivered. Anywhere and anytime.

After all the discussions and re-writings with him, my evocative and rubbish English, I'd come to a conclusion that writing is not that easy. Been realized that I do still have and want so much to learn.


  © Mayang Rizky The Remedy by Mayang Rizky

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