A Carbide Side

Monday, 21 March 2011

My lecturer once said that young people who considered themselves as idealists will turn to be realistic as they reach the age of 25. Is it true, or is it only his life experience that made him became wiser at his age? The certain thing is, I met a lot of these kind stereotyped men and women. They are no longer young and they talk the same. No wonder, I see people at twenties are the pathetic ones. It is no hard feeling for you who are not, maybe you are twenties but your mind is not, or you are not twenties and your mind is not? For a second, in a moment I heard they talked the same, I wanted to disagree. But the reality of a conviction in me that every one will pass through this phase always restricts me to do that. It may be cause I am about to make this one in a few months. Sounds like some kind of paranoid? I decide.

Many, many times your surroundings play an important role for you to see whether the dimension is wider or not. It is like glasses if you are myopic, they are used as a means for helping you to see further things. But at one time, as you are focusing your sight view in order to get your retina will capture the best sight of the outcome, they are restricting you. The limitation is varied, they can be formed as circle, oval, or square one, which is depend on its shape. As you can see through this shape, and you know that it is only a shape, why don’t you turn your head, seeing around, and realizing something? The opportunity is wide. Sometimes, it is not because we do not have an opportunity, but because we do not know that we do have an opportunity, and we do not know the way to know that we do have an opportunity.


He Who Rules Information Who Rules the World

Sunday, 13 March 2011

I hate that the media, you know, they are trying to control our minds.

The media?

Yeah, the media. You know it‘s very subtle, but you know, it‘s a new form of fascism.

(Before Sunrise, 1995)


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