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Monday, 29 August 2011

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Couldn't Think What's the Title That Fits In

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Do you know that as the husband and wife grow older, they lose their ability to hear each other? So what’s the point of marriage? If I may assume that what’s the point of marriage if you know that someday you will lose your ability to hear each other, then it won’t be different with what’s the point of living a life if you know that in the long run we’re all dead? Damn you marriage, damn you. And what a poor you are, life.

No need to act like a fucking wise person on blaming me cause am cursing this-oh-holy-life. Human got’s to have a sin and we’re only just a human, bloody ass. Let it becomes my own sacred problem with this fucking god. Is it a sin, of having no ‘g’ capital letter in it?

Your passion of sex, oh poor you are people who is making a marriage just for the sake of satisfying your freaking biological needs and your pride on achieving the most handsome, beautiful, richest, and glorious person in your own little width of life, or your oh-beautiful vested interest to hold god’s hand by having a heavenly veiled wife or maybe a signed forehead guy with a hanging pants. Or maybe a girl with a cross over her neck and a guy who has his Buddha or Gandhi books below his sheets. Do you feel such a heaven on that—uh? Congratulations if it is yes, beers!

Have you realized that satisfaction has its depreciation? That even the utility of your spouse—in doing sex—eventually will be degraded, and not so respectively similar with your passion which always sues you to have it more and more. How long you’ve been trying, to connect a dilemma between a monotonicity and a non-monotonicity? Hard, isn’t it?

I’ll raise my hand when someone asks who the person is over the earth having a difficulty to trust people especially regarding his faithfulness. Even when it comes to my friend’s case, there’s always my sincere pray deep down beyond every suggestion to them. There’s always my sincere pray deep down beyond my excitement on having a merry atmosphere and nice food in every wedding invitation I’ve attended. I’d blow my pray to them. And you may pray for me, a poor me, of being a skeptic on any fucking such a hell commitment matters in a relationship. But we may fall in love without being pro to the marriage, right?

Forgive me on having question marks too much in each paragraph. It’s just an effort from me to ensure that you’ve been trapped for so long in a labyrinth full of questions. That you’ve been considering before turning left, right, straight up, or step down. That you’ve been thinking before doing. I wanted to say that you’ve been researching before deciding a marriage, but it has been remained implicit honestly. Obviously just made it appears in an explicit way. Oh—forgive me, of having a lot of sorrows and mistakes.

This express is my own. Feel free to be agreed or not. But in the end, you can’t be such an egoist long after you have a family. Making your children as the reason behind your deep efforts to keep yourself in that marriage while you feel uncomfortable, that’s just fucking hurt for that children. And leaving your children outta there, letting them become beggars in certain traffic lights on the street, that’s also a form of creating slavery over your fucking passion of getting, marrying, and having an allowed and a routined sex with your past achievement, your ‘old desired girlfriend/boyfriend’. So go and get the answer of your questions.


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