Turning Point

Friday, 14 November 2008

There's always the time for human to get themselves satisfied of what they have found in searching for meaning. Search for meaning any kind of life’s affairs. This could be materialized in what we usually call it as changes or further more an improvement. People walk through this line on their given times and use it as the step to move it on the right way, increasing step by step. But in fact, we absolutely know about a proverb, “There are always ups and downs in human’s life.” The turning point declines below ordinate.

That's a common, when a child under five learns to walk, he/she will never come to through this easily, sometimes he/she falls, or sometimes walks shakily. Until he/she feel tired (turning point) and comes up again. That is why I never say about "move on". I prefer to use "keep on moving". It's just a little grammatical problem but it can easily influences us. "Move on" means it's kind a spirit to comes up again after we were took another stop, whereas time never stops. And what we should have to do is "keep on moving", whether it is faster or slowly, we just have to keep on moving in this life. This figure below explicitly shows mine. Like a verse in Will Young’s song called Changes.

…If I go back once again it’s like I learned nothing
Standing at the front of a queue
Heading for trouble

Hope it changes, hope my life changes
Gets alright somehow, oh I’m waiting for tomorrow

I hope it changes, cant you stay the same
Been out of luck for so long, and I don’t get much so there’s nothing much to lose…

I'm not going back, I'm just learned something. You'd probably became flustered, yes it is indeed so, it's very hard to be explained or even to be absorbed. Forget it and let's talk another visible things. Happy weekend.

  © Mayang Rizky The Remedy by Mayang Rizky

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