Friend-ology or Partner-ology

Thursday, 5 February 2009

We are a horde of ants, we share and having our own ploy
Pick and pick up this favored sugar happily
Even when we have to share something that I do not know how to make it shared

Life is about to share.
First of all, for this time, I would not like to have any other melancholic part as seen in the previous posts :) It is not about me, but it shows how the situation making me there as I am (actually yes about me, but it is not specifically or we could call me as the supporting actor).
Well, we do not ever know what kind of tomorrow of its lifetime series. Somehow, all the predictions and convictions stand here today and go away suddenly. You can assume me unaligned. But I told you, all these efforts nothing other than only to show that I am trying to think of it neutrally.
In this case, you still have your conviction and your heart talks. I know how it feels because I ever felt how it hurts. I know why you could have to think to not paying any attentions because I ever did something stupid carelessly too. I know how hard it is to say because I ever did not have prepared to give the explanation. It is about how you understand others’.
Dear patience, let you appear and may you have to give her advice that this could be a hindrance of her life parts.
And then for the honesty, just show who you are and what you feel without pretend to be something that tragically tortures you inside.
Life is about to choose.
Whether it is right or not, it will be showed when you get all the restrictions cleared in the way to live your chosen path.


  © Mayang Rizky The Remedy by Mayang Rizky

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