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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

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Solution: Rule or Discretion?

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

(Di suatu kelas, dua orang mahasiswi sotoy sama istilah ngobrol ngalur-ngidul gara-gara lelah menunggu sesuatu yang tak pasti).

X: Ibunya punya kecenderungan buat dicap ngga kredibel nih, bilangnya mau masuk jam 2 tapi sekarang udah mau jam 4. Tadi aja sesi pertama baru masuk jam 12 padahal harusnya jam 11.

Y: Itu artinya ekspektasi muridnya ngga menggunakan adaptive expectation, ngga belajar dari kesalahan masa lalu.

X: Masalahnya adaptive expectation udah ngga cocok lagi buat dipake di kehidupan, udah ada rational expectation.

Y: Masalahnya muridnya udah rasional belum? Abisan ini ada problem assymmetric information. Kan kita ngga tau apakah pas ibunya ngomong itu sunggu-sungguh akan ditepati atau ngga.


Z: Maaf ya tadi saya bilang mau masuk jam 2, saya lagi banyak urusan ini, nanti aja saya ngajar sampai malam. Maaf ya, jadi ada time-inconsistency deh.


Nothing’s 100% Fidelity, Mayang!

My friend told me about her quick experience,

Y: Cantik banget sihh
X: Apa sih lu

There was a guy (Y) who had a crush on her (X), perhaps not an exact crush but rather just a form of admiration, or even, having a space of interlude to flirt to, or to be more extreme, joking. Be it whatever.

For a second she was actually having a blushed-cheek yet feeling so embarrassed. But then it wouldn't mean anything though, based on the fact that he didn't really mean it or because she couldn't imagine how hurt it is to be a girlfriend of a guy who, roughly speaking, was doing some kind of flirting with (an)other god's creature, one of the illustrations, herself.

Yes, he already got a girl.

(Case closed).

Couple of days ago I had an afternoon conversation with a friend named Lia. And as the other typical girls living on earth, it's always nice to talk about relationships, feelings, or sensibility. Everything that are practically not about your story, but you just experience that you can adjust that into yours. We always find it interesting on things brilliantly touch the smallest part of our own huh?

In a nutshell she said that's normal if sometimes we simply feel bored with our partner and decide to have an interlude. So when the day comes, jusat have an interlude too for us.

For a while I couldn't agree since she was talking while driving, when all the things she said was worth of half-trusted because the rest of her 50% were left on the street. But who would place a tendency of impossible outcome on the multi-tasking probability of a girl?

H0: μ < 0.05 (Lia does not really mean of what she said)
H1: μ >= 0.05 (Lia does really mean of what she said)

What to test?

I was questioning her a lot, few times all those rebuffs in my head seeking to get out through a number of why(s).

But then I couldn't find what to reject, since the rejection region was not clearly defined, or in the other words, failed to plan a test, which means, brought thinking to an halt. That's a pre-assumption of life's choice before a destiny happens to come (t), we'll fail when we decide to stop trying (thinking). Otherwise a failure may be called as a destiny when we talk about it after what would have happened to life (t+1).

Flashing back to the topic; and then I thought maybe I was just too naive hence I couldn't accept what she said immediately. Too much drowned by hundreds of pages of Nicholas Sparks's books. Imagining that Landon Carter, Alex Wheatley, and Paul Flanner are the real human beings and not only as characters. Dreaming of a true allegiance between Noah and Allie does really exist.

Oh Mr. Sparks, why were you so damn trustworthy? Or maybe I have to turn the question; why I was so dumb and so easy to be fooled by your lovely paraphrases?


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