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Thursday, 14 August 2008

I was just take a look of some questions in a site that provides a tool to ask and answer all the ideas from people around the world. And got stuck on it ;

Does falling in love with someone affect studies ?

Till now I've never fall in love with any girl and I only concentrate on studies and always be good in studies. But i want ur suggestion whether is it right to fall in love with someone ? I am currently doing final year BA in Boys' college.

those below are some answers ;

the "yes" answer,
"dont it ruins ur study"

"Well if your a pussy then i guess yeah." some insulting

then, this is the wise one,
"It depends. Sometimes, for some people, it does immensely. But since you've apparently always been good about it, I wouldn't worry. Don't give up love for your studies, and vice versa. You have to keep it balanced. That's the trick of life, kid."

"Falling in love with someone can distract you from your studies. A lot of people do it and do just fine with school, but it is a distraction." love for a distraction? oh gosh.

another wise one,
"It depends on the relationship and the people in the relationship. If the people are really clingy and attached or if the relationship has little or no trust- then it could definitely affect studies.
Do what YOU feel is right though.
Good luck"

"Is this your first time to fall in love? Have you thought about what love really is? It's not just supposed to be feeling and raising heartbeats or attraction to a girl. It has to be based on respecting the partner or apple of your eye. So falling in love, if not defined and understood properly, might get you into trouble.
I suggest you think about love, what it is and what it truly means... then you can say that the girl you are thinking of and using time to think of really deserves the attention. Or else, you will just get distracted.
Also, if you know very well how to discipline yourself and your thoughts, then there's no reason why you can't let yourself fall in love and still get straight As." advice from the expert of love, haha.

stealing a time to share his sad stories,
"Yes I fell in love with someone during my studies and he didn't feel the same. I wasted my time.
I thought I could redeem myself at exam time but I feel in love with another person. What a waste because he didn't like me either."

"yes, you will fall behind in your studies or job. however, you only live once, so enjoy your life. once you finish school, you'll be working full time, then a relationship will affect your job. have fun and don't worry about it." the enjoy-living lover.

So, you can conclude it by yourself.


Fin, fin, fin!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Woohoooo, I got it finished! Hehe, finally this Pride & Prejudice closing all the books to be read at the holiday. A little bit relieve because I was so anxious of it, afraid that this would not be finished until the end of the holiday. But I also excited of the ending. Woooooooo even it's really easy to be guess, but to know that this will be come true is need a looooooooong time. Hehe. You know, I love Darcy. Yea, I guess everybody will be fascinated with Bingley than Darcy right. But I do not know I just not too interested with him. He seems too perfect and he got the perfect one, Jane, so not challenging hehe. Darcy looks terrible at the first time because people judge him from the outside about his pride, we do not know the truth about him. And Elizabeth even though her prejudice always makes her into troubles but see, in a row of the age, maturity will comes out by itself. Can not wait to watch the movie, hehe padahal filmnya udah lama bgt beredar. Be anxious to find out the hilarious Bennet Family. Yauweslah yo, see you


Someone That I Miss Much

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

I miss her much................................ really


I guess this is what I need

Monday, 4 August 2008

For several months, it's like mmh feel the dizzy from heights for me when I had to decide what would I take then. You know what will you do if you have to make a change in some days about your future and you have to get hurry about it. It's like a well, I need a consultant then. And how do you feel about your dream, your what-you-want-to-be, since you were a child have to be erased from your mind? It's really hard. But then, when I was stuck on it, fortunately I got a little spirit when I heard these words ;

When you try your best, but you don't succeed

When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse.....

And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?

This song had been the number one most played song.
And I guess, this is what I need.....


5 Things I Love About This Holiday

1. Become closer to my family
It's because I didn't do many things in outdoor and officially get up-eat-sleep-watching tv-eat-sleep-play computer-eat-eat-eat-back to bed. Sounds meaningless ya? But somehow I was grateful, I can easily being at home for many hours. I just want to be with my family, because I love my family much.

2. Office-ially missing Universal Music Indonesia ;')

As before, I decided to get out of this my favorite place where I can learn anything about a job at music segment because I would have an examination in my third year at school. It was kinda hard decision I guess. When I decided to get in, I was in the middle of quarter life crisis I think. Anyway, my expectation about a lifetime is about 70 ya. In that time I was really-really depressed, stressed, frustrated, or any kind of what you use to say about it. School, family, lessons, friends, projects, loves......... Ya, I wanted to calming down myself for a little breathe then. I needed a new breathe, new inspiration. So I decided to do something that my family would be disagree for a while. But finally after I gave the right explanation, they got it and believe in what I would gonna do. Every time the bell rings, I ran out of school and got ready to the office. But without forgot of all of the tasks I had to do, I learn a lot, learn to be more organized and patient to face all the problems. Simply, I realized that there must be a time for us to be BETTER. Well, in this holiday, I just came to the office and helped my friend Rani to coordinate the fans of one of the big band that labeled as Universal's in their launch album. And even it so tired to come home at the dawn, but surely it's fun. I thought that I want to come to the office now just for meet all of my friends there and Rani says that she really needs our helps. Miss you.

3. Nostalgic time
I did many reunions. And it's a common thing because me and my old friends always wanted to meet each other. In case we haven't meet for months and don't have time except in the holiday. Especially my elementary friends, they are the longest time friend I ever had until now. I am still searching for my kindergarten friends now at fs or fb, hehe because I was not here in that time. But I also meet my junior high friends (which is in the same class) and came to our class teacher. Then, I will meet my other junior high friends (different class) in some next days ;) just can not wait.

4. Book-a-boo!
Every time I woke up, I always being slept with the book under my pillow. It's because in the holiday, I get a little bad insomnia. I do not know why we always get such a trouble sleeping at the holiday and I am afraid that it will become a bad habit then. So I help it with read a book every time I go to bed. But not at all it will be sleep easily, sometimes I can read until the dawn. I just had finished A Bend in The Road, The Notebook, Benny & Mice (100 Tokoh yang Mewarnai Jakarta), and now I am still finishing Pride and Prejudice. Too hard because Jane Austen's words is not as same as Nicholas Sparks's hehehe. Because Austen is an old author which is the diction would be adapted by that time and the situation too. But better than Pearl S Buck's , This Proud Heart is really hard to be absorbed hehehe. I never got it finished.

5. Take a time to be alone
Many friends said that I became more quiet than before. My junior high friend said like that, and also my senior high friend (because she knows whyyyyyyyyy) hehehe. I do not really like to talk more like before, except the importants. But different side if I stimulated when me and my friends are laughing at jokes. And I also enjoy the time if I am alone, sometimes I watch movie by myself (*like my friend Lia does) or only just surrounding the place I visit alone.


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