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Monday, 30 January 2012


Does Solitude Mean Selfish?

Friday, 27 January 2012

What costs us to decide something? Somebody else's freedom, interest, happiness, and well-being?

In life, we are faced with several options: to make it or to take it all away. I believe that there's no single thing in this world that happens to be the first-best-option. That once we decide, it could be no zero cost of impact comes to pass the surface. We may harm the others as well as we may benefit them.

But it's also not about what's been decided, rather how we pay to the consequences that may occur once we decide. And it happens all the time. Like the government who needs to create a policy that may harm people while benefit the business(wo)men, the key is on the rent distribution. How they accommodate the loss received by the people using the value of benefit collected by the businessmen/women.

However I forgot that I'm not a kind of government-like since I only govern myself. And it's not a kind of a public choice analysis since it doesn't mean to be a public good. Or even if it has to be a public good, I prefer to use private choice analysis approach because for me it really is, a private one.


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