Goodbye Holiday & Welcome New Semester

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Gue merasa tidak gembira menyambut semester baru ini. Kenapa ya? Padahal liburan kemarin 1,5 bulan udah banyak banget harinya. Yang bikin gue kecewa, IRS gue bermasalah di saat-saat terakhir liburan ini dan ketika lusa besok gue udah masuk ngampus di mana tadi pagi baru gue cek jadwal Wayang gue bentrok sm Statistika 1. Padahal, baru tadi malem gue cek ngga kenapa-kenapa. Gilak ya, *?(!%&#%U*(I)&%#@GFNY$%^I(%$)@*&$(#":>< gue tidak mau mengotori blog gue ini dengan makian, jadi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah teriak aja. Birpend tidak menerima komplain? Lantas ketika gue ngisi baru jam 7 pas dosen yg diinginkan udah penuh, ngikutin alur dari awal, waiting list sampe 5 mata kuliah demi ngikutin alur dan akhirnya menurun jd ngga ada waiting list, dapet dosen yang ngga terlalu diperebutkan oleh teman-teman yang lain demi supaya ngga waiting list dan bentrok, ujung2nya ketika di detik2 terakhir ketika udah lega ngga ada yang bermasalah maupun waiting list, jadwal berubah dengan sendirinya? Dan nimpa jadwal yang lain, gilak, salah gue salah, lain kali jangan berfikir untuk tidak ingin menyusahkan Pembimbing Akademik dengan menyetujui IRS secara mandiri.
Yang kedua, gue baru tau sesuatu hal dan itu adalah sebuah realitas, kenyataan dari apa yang selama ini gue ketahui. Sebenarnya gue udah ngga sabar untuk mengepostkannya, tapi waktunya ngga tepat, kita tunggu Maret nanti.
Salahnya, akhir-akhir ini gue jadi semakin dihantui. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah teriak lagi aja deh. Fadila, Caca, Dara, lo membuat gue semakin dihantui. Sedih banget. Gue ngga pernah sesedih ini untuk 1 tahun terakhir ini dalam urusan kayak gini.
Ya sudahlah. Cheer up!


I do not know how to get a title on it II

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Have you ever got whirl, in the very huge whirlpool, and seems like your teeth have already planned to come out from your mouth? I wonder it happened to me last night. You have seen and back and forth in the same set of problems. You have told and back and forth in the case of your again-and-again-uncontrolled demeanor. You have had a hundred steps to act to be controlled. And it is freaking me out to think that you are invulnerable by nature.
I do believe that God planned about people have their own way to slit something open by force from any kind of what we call about crisis. I do believe that a-have-to-be-cycle. But it was made to be faced, inspected, hand-washed, and also it might not to be encountered anymore. Because of its last step, then I do have it as a ritual, or it is indeed so that I do have to make it as my own ritual.
I was crying because I was physically sympathetic and internally empathetic. All the thoughts, series of wise words, and the willingness to make it out of my mouth, surrounding my mind like the flutterbies fly above my head.
May be you have to complete these rewards;
1. In the meantime, get out while you still have a time to take a breath deeply, underline the meantime

2. Emotionally talks it seems like you talk with tourist which he or she really do not know how to get the thesaurus of your words, or even how to read your index

3. A baby needs to be nurtured and rationally you were one of them but not again now, everyone’s grew up with exception, person with the physically and mentally defect, but I guess you know where the place you stand for

4. You might be know that you are a stone, but whether it is right or not when you are proud to be a stonehege

5. Even a historian would be shocked first when he or she found the ancient inscription, so do not ever put your stupa in the deep land and enclosed by the layers of soil as the time goes by, better that if you give it to the right institution or that person immediately, except you plan to give a little surprise for the founder

6. Try to understand how person’s feelings, maybe your father’s, mother’s, brother’s, sisters’, friends’, partners’, people’s, and people’s with trying to be them in that situation. It is called empathetic


Today's Birthday

Sunday, 4 January 2009

My old-friend, Gharini Abhirama is being 18 now. And it has been a long time for me and us to meet her. We'd just like to say, happy birthday good-young-woman. We miss youuuuuu.....

Hartelijk gefeliciteerd! Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag Gharin!
This is a little bit for you. Haha, I still have it on my boxes Gharrrr. Take care.


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