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Thursday, 14 August 2008

I was just take a look of some questions in a site that provides a tool to ask and answer all the ideas from people around the world. And got stuck on it ;

Does falling in love with someone affect studies ?

Till now I've never fall in love with any girl and I only concentrate on studies and always be good in studies. But i want ur suggestion whether is it right to fall in love with someone ? I am currently doing final year BA in Boys' college.

those below are some answers ;

the "yes" answer,
"dont it ruins ur study"

"Well if your a pussy then i guess yeah." some insulting

then, this is the wise one,
"It depends. Sometimes, for some people, it does immensely. But since you've apparently always been good about it, I wouldn't worry. Don't give up love for your studies, and vice versa. You have to keep it balanced. That's the trick of life, kid."

"Falling in love with someone can distract you from your studies. A lot of people do it and do just fine with school, but it is a distraction." love for a distraction? oh gosh.

another wise one,
"It depends on the relationship and the people in the relationship. If the people are really clingy and attached or if the relationship has little or no trust- then it could definitely affect studies.
Do what YOU feel is right though.
Good luck"

"Is this your first time to fall in love? Have you thought about what love really is? It's not just supposed to be feeling and raising heartbeats or attraction to a girl. It has to be based on respecting the partner or apple of your eye. So falling in love, if not defined and understood properly, might get you into trouble.
I suggest you think about love, what it is and what it truly means... then you can say that the girl you are thinking of and using time to think of really deserves the attention. Or else, you will just get distracted.
Also, if you know very well how to discipline yourself and your thoughts, then there's no reason why you can't let yourself fall in love and still get straight As." advice from the expert of love, haha.

stealing a time to share his sad stories,
"Yes I fell in love with someone during my studies and he didn't feel the same. I wasted my time.
I thought I could redeem myself at exam time but I feel in love with another person. What a waste because he didn't like me either."

"yes, you will fall behind in your studies or job. however, you only live once, so enjoy your life. once you finish school, you'll be working full time, then a relationship will affect your job. have fun and don't worry about it." the enjoy-living lover.

So, you can conclude it by yourself.


Anonymous Friday, August 15, 2008 5:34:00 pm  

topik yang sangat menarik haha
kalo menurut gue sih tergantung orangnya yee
tapi tuh orang gila banget terlalu serius belajar hehe

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