Fin, fin, fin!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Woohoooo, I got it finished! Hehe, finally this Pride & Prejudice closing all the books to be read at the holiday. A little bit relieve because I was so anxious of it, afraid that this would not be finished until the end of the holiday. But I also excited of the ending. Woooooooo even it's really easy to be guess, but to know that this will be come true is need a looooooooong time. Hehe. You know, I love Darcy. Yea, I guess everybody will be fascinated with Bingley than Darcy right. But I do not know I just not too interested with him. He seems too perfect and he got the perfect one, Jane, so not challenging hehe. Darcy looks terrible at the first time because people judge him from the outside about his pride, we do not know the truth about him. And Elizabeth even though her prejudice always makes her into troubles but see, in a row of the age, maturity will comes out by itself. Can not wait to watch the movie, hehe padahal filmnya udah lama bgt beredar. Be anxious to find out the hilarious Bennet Family. Yauweslah yo, see you


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