We watched Awake, and then she's awake

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Yesterday I was just had a time to watched movie with my sisters. And we got Awake for that time. Well I had a big expectation because in the poster noted that it was a thriller. But my expectation helped by the way of the stars played. Not the scariest but how they operated Clayton tickled me. Damn I just fooled by Sam and Jack who were acted clearly. Never imagined that they were bad at first, right. They got it and it's a good movie. Hayden looks like a child, handsomeeeee(everyone admits it) but his face is mamababes hadoh2. And the silly was what my sister said about this movie, she told me when we were going out of studio.

"Well, one thing that I got, listen to your Mom..." she smiled while talked to me and my other sister.

I laughed and replied, "Oh God, You just had realized?" (actually I laughed at her).

Next I'm waiting for Blueberry Nights. No no not only because its story but I want to see how Norah Jones plays at the movie. Ggrooooooookk. One day a looooong time ago when I was a child and started learn how to see the way people live, she ever got minus in my eyes because her attitude. It was in the mass media yaa. That's why I want to know about her deeply.
Tak kenal maka tak sayang toh heheee.


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