Art is Honest & Palm Has a Face

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

At age twelve, when I answered to my art and drawing teacher why drawing a picture of children with no face and a plant with human's face, he claimed on me:

"You're always good at the concept, but not at the execution."

Well I didn't mean to execute, I just meant to draw.


While today is sad but yet so fun, at least I could laugh all day long just to remember what me and my friend did during the series of presentation. I didn't know where exactly did the joke came from but it seemed amusing to pay attention on human's ambiguity.

It was just really nice to play at our own world as well as to imagine something silly among the room's atmosphere of seriousness. I hope nothing serious next week. *finger crossed*

- M


  © Mayang Rizky The Remedy by Mayang Rizky

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